We have adopted a workplace safety management system certified in accordance with the DIN ISO 45001:2018 standard.

Safety policies

Management is committed, by providing human, equipment, and financial resources, to pursuing the objectives of improving employee health and safety as an integral component of its activity and as a strategic commitment with regard to the organization’s more general aims. It publishes this document and circulates it to everyone at the company and undertakes to ensure that:

  • Safety aspects are considered as essential content starting from the stage at which new activities are defined or when existing activities are reviewed.

  • All employees are trained, informed, and aware in order to perform their tasks safely and to assume their responsibility as regards workplace health and safety.

  • The entire company structure (managers, supervisors, designers, plant engineers, purchasing and maintenance services, workers, etc.) participates, according to their duties and responsibilities, in achieving the safety objectives to ensure that:

  • The planning of the machines, plants, and equipment, the workplaces, the operating procedures, and organizational aspects are carried out so as to safeguard employee health, company assets, third parties, and the community in which the company operates.

  • The information on the corporate risks is circulated to all employees; they are trained and updated specifically on the task performed.

  • Needs that emerge in the course of the work activities are handled quickly, effectively, and diligently.

  • Cooperation is promoted between the different company resources, as well as collaboration with business organizations and external supervisory bodies.

  • All laws and regulations currently in force are observed, procedures are drawn up, and specific company standards are followed.

  • Activities are managed with the aim of preventing accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases; planning, operation, and maintenance are geared toward this purpose, including the cleaning of the workplaces, machines, and plants.