TToday, CCI SpA represents a highly structured reality that carries out its activity in an institutional, economic, political, social, and cultural context that is particularly organized and in constant evolution, at both national and international level.

To successfully deal with this complexity, we believe it is especially important to clearly define the set of values that inspire us and that we aim to apply in our business.

That is why this Code of Ethics and Conduct has been prepared, part of a more complex model of organization, management, and control for the prevention of criminal offenses under Italian law (Legislative Decree 231/01), in line with the international conventions on the combating bribery in international business transactions (1997 OECD Convention) and best practice.

The Code therefore contains a set of values and guidelines and is aimed at everyone who works for our company, anyone who comes into contact with it, and, more generally, anyone who has a legitimate interest in the company itself (our stakeholders).

Observing the code is of fundamental importance both for the smooth running and reliability of the company, as well as to protect its prestige, image, and know-how – factors that are a crucial asset for its success.

CCI SpA ensures that the provisions set out in the Code are observed and prepares the appropriate training and information in this regard.