We constantly strive to reduce energy consumption by using new technologies and optimizing production processes; for example, the entire production area in Pizzighettone is lit using ultra-low consumption LED spotlights.

Our energy management system is DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 certified.

Environmental protection policies

Respect for and protecting the environment are objectives that are just as important to CCI SpA as business profitability and the quality of the products supplied to customers.

To that end, senior management considers promoting environmental protection and pollution prevention to be a priority objective, something to be achieved and improved upon with determination and continuity. These aspects are deemed to be fundamentally important in the process of company growth, development of its personnel, and consolidation of the relationships with its customers, suppliers, external collaborators, and the local community.

Decisive factors include:

  • working according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14011:2015 standard on environmental management systems

  • constantly improving the management of company processes through the involvement and constructive collaboration of all of CCI SpA’s resources.

We believe the ongoing monitoring of our environmental performance can be one of the keys to achieving greater customer satisfaction and additional competitive momentum in terms of the reference market.

Senior management pursues the above via targeted actions geared toward the following:

  • Protecting the environment as a principle that plays a part in the company’s decision-making process.ale

  • Defining and constantly re-examining objectives, which may be measurable, achievable, and aimed at the services provided and respecting the environment.

  • Analyzing implicit and explicit customer requirements to best satisfy requirements and be more competitive on the reference market.

  • Complying with the applicable mandatory requirements and verifying environmental compliance aimed at guaranteeing processes, products, and services provided.

  • Taking the necessary actions at all levels of the organization to make the company’s processes and products compatible with obligations to respect and protect the environment.

  • Committing to providing the necessary human and equipment resources, including technical and economic resources, aimed at realizing, maintaining the effectiveness of, and improving the environmental protection management system.

Senior management intends to guarantee and ensure the periodic re-examination of the following:

  • The objectives for protecting the environment and the extent to which they are being achieved.

  • This policy and its appropriateness in terms of the corporate reality.

  • The way to communicate this environmental protection policy to all personnel and partners so as to involve them in the process of achieving the objectives set.

  • The communication of this environmental protection policy to customers, as a constant and essential commitment.