CCI SpA is certified according to the quality system described in the 1992 ISO 9000 standard. Since then, we have introduced a series of documents necessary for the smooth running of the company, such as procedures, instructions, forms, and tables that ensure the effective monitoring of the company’s processes.

With a view to continuous improvement, CCI SpA has always taken steps to implement the updates of the ISO 9000 standards, and our Quality System is currently ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Quality policies

Ashared vision represents the essential condition for defining shared strategies and routes in a constantly evolving market with demands that are increasingly complex and multi-faceted.

All of us who work within and for the company do so with the same purpose, in one direction, to ensure the continuous satisfaction of our customers, beyond our roles and hierarchical levels. This is fundamental for enabling CCI SpA to be a leading company in its market and to continue to develop in highly competitive contexts and in ever-changing markets.

Everyone, directly or indirectly, takes part in creating the service that will later be enjoyed by the customer and, therefore, contributes to its quality.

Quality is not only achieved by defining production specifications or procedures; rather, it is something built day by day with commitment and cooperation from everyone by developing a proactive mindset.

Compliance with European and national legislation is fundamental, but not enough to guarantee the legislative conformity of the services designed and implemented by CCI SpA as well as the services provided and associated with them.

The quality of our products and services is what supports the acquisition of new customers; the continuous improvement of these products and services guarantees full customer satisfaction and motivates customers to come back to us again and again. The aim thus becomes full customer satisfaction, and therefore securing their loyalty.

Loyal customers – unlike occasional customers – represent the solid base on which to invest to guarantee continuous development capable of ensuring the company, and therefore all of its collaborators, a future under the banner of continuous improvement.

In order to do this, management has resolved to do the following:

  • Follow an investment strategy that allows the company to continue to develop structurally and productively, continuously improving work safety, product quality, and process efficiency, all of which are essential to ensure that the company has the resources needed to survive and develop.

  • Continuously invest in research and development to improve product quality and safety, with a view in particular to reducing environmental impact.

  • Continuously monitor the market, seeking to anticipate changes with innovative solutions capable of responding to emerging trends as regards new materials and new production systems.

  • Continuously develop management and company performance control systems that are increasingly efficient and capable of providing valid indicators that can better support management in running the company, guiding their future decisions.

  • Create and consolidate a relationship with customers that goes beyond simply business to a relationship built on trust, thanks to mutual understanding and ongoing collaboration, with a view to continuously improving at product and service level.

  • Identify those suppliers who can not only offer products that meet specific requests, but with whom it is possible to establish a partnership.

  • Consider collaborators at all levels as a fundamental company asset in which to invest constantly in terms of training and information to continuously create and consolidate the sense of participation and belonging.